eDetails, Detailing & IVAs – but better.

Imagine a detail aid made for real sales success, beautifully.

Our tablet detail approach is rooted in extensive knowledge of experience design – timing, environment awareness, use cases and simplicity.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your tablet-friendly “sales aids” really aren’t suited for the reality of your sales reps’ experiences – hear us out.  We believe an iDetail aid is only “used” if based in true “user-centered” approach.  And the “users” = your representatives.  So, we work with your best sales professionals and design to your selling model  — then arm  your reps with a useful tool they’ll  be excited about, instilling the confidence to perform better.  And because we are who we are, it will both look and perform amazingly.

How can we do this as design and development experts?  Three-fold.  In part, a long experience in the industry and access to a network of experts.  In some cases, we’ll receive your core story in raw form, and your selling model, and then “design” to the user needs.  In other cases, we’ll team up with a third party Sales expert to help inform the process and make it true to selling best practices.

Intrigued? Reach out and we can think through the potential together.

Reach out, let’s do this!